Super Visa Insurance

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Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa Insurance is designed solely for reuniting Canadian citizens with their parents and grandparents. Super Visa Insurance can be availed by any Canadian citizen who qualifies the eligibility criteria and wishes to host his/her parents and grandparents for a visit in Canada. Both parents, as well as both grandparents of the host, can enjoy the coverage offered under a single Super Visa Insurance Policy.

The policy avails a validity of up to 10 years with a coverage of up to 24 cumulative months. In simple words, the visitors can enjoy multiple trips to Canada within a period of 10 years, while the cumulative stay cannot exceed 24 months. Super Visa Insurance is a great policy for Canadian citizens who would like to have their parents and grandparents visit them with a government aided medical coverage.

How Can You Qualify for Super Visa Insurance

There are many factors that are to be significantly considered while applying for a Super Visa Insurance. We here can specify most of the factors briefly and would be glad to assist you in detail just by contacting us.

Clarity in the Purpose of Visiting

This is the basic factor on which the Super Visa Insurance Policy is designed. While filling up the purpose of visit, it must clearly indicate an intention of temporary visit. One such way is by stating a genuine cause of return to the home country within the application. For example mentioning dependents to be looked after in the home country can indicate a definite temporary stay.

Financial Consistency of the Host

The host is required to maintain financial stability for at least three immediately consecutive previous years. The stability of the host will b determined on the basis of family size dependent on the host. All dependents within Canada, spouse of the host and the number of visitors covered within Super Visa Insurance constitutes the family size.

Medical Coverage over the Visitors

This is a simple way to determine your eligibility of the visitors to be covered under Super Visa Insurance. The visitors are required to purchase a medical coverage worth $100,000 for the initial year starting from the day of immigration. This way government dilutes it’s risk and confirms the eligibility of medical coverage.

Super Visa Insurance is a great opportunity for citizens having parents and grandparents who live outside Canada. We understand the complex legalities and regulations related to the policy and are more than privileged to provide you with our professional assistance for a hassle-free visit from your parents.

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